Condensed Matter Physics

Organization: Altai State Pedagogical Academy

Head of an organization: professor Lazarenko I. R.

Supervisor: Ovcharov Alexander Vladimirovich

U.D.C.: 538.9 S.R.S.T.I.: 29.19.03; 29.19


Since 1972, the laboratory of "semi-metals and semiconductors," experimental studies of galvanomagnetic, thermomagnetic and elastic properties of pure bismuth and its alloys with antimony contents in the last 12 at.%. As well as these materials are doped with tin, lead and tellurium - pure bismuth impurity content up to 0.4 at. %, - Alloys with antimony to 0.01at. % In the range 77-300 K tempperatur, under hydrostatic pressure up to 10 000 atm., Magnetic fields up to 2Tl. For all the investigated materials prepared tabular and graphical dependences of galvanomagnetic, thermomagnetic and elastic coefficients of the magnetic, electrical and thermal fields and hydrostatic pressure. At the same time developed original methods of creating a hydrostatic pressure, measuring the thermoelectric power measurements in the "mixed" constant and alternating magnetic fields.